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Westlake, CA Headache Treatment

Pain  From Headaches?

There have been many advances in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches over the past decade. Dr. Borquez is a member of the HCOP (Headache Cooperative of the Pacific, hcop.org) consisting of Neurologists, MD’s and Orofacial Pain specialists who treat headaches. He is able to stay abreast of these advances through his involvement in this organization.

As a dentist, his license does not permit him to treat headaches that do not have any orofacial manifestations. Dr. Borquez will then refer to a physician who specializes in headaches when there are no orofacial symptoms. Many times headaches can mimic TMD or toothaches. This is the reason that Dr. Borquez feels that knowledge of these headache disorders is important.

Please remember reading on the internet or books is not a substitute for a full evaluation by a physician or orofacial pain expert.

If you have any of the following symptoms accompanying a headache immediate attention is needed:

  • Numbness
  • Paralysis
  • Disorientation
  • Double vision
  • Inability to talk
  • Experiencing a first, worst more intense or different kind headache

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I was referred to Dr. Borquez for TMJ and my recently developed severe headaches. DR Borquez was able to help me with my jaw pain and diagnose my headaches. He then referred me to a headache specialist to help me manage them.

Thank you Dr. Borquez
 NS. Oxnard, Ca