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Naturopathic Pain

What is Neuropathic Pain?

Neuropathic Pain Disorders are the most confusing and the most difficult to treat. These pain disorders are usually chronic and arise from the brain and nerves of the head, face and neck.

If you have had these experiences:

  • Reoccurring toothache (multiple root canals, extractions etc.)
  • Undiagnosed facial pain
  • Numerous treatments that result in only temporary or no pain relief
  • Seen numerous doctors for various treatments
  • Pain triggered by light touch or normal function
  • Have been told the pain is psychological

You may be suffering from a neuropathic pain disorder. Dr. Borquez has the experience in treating these complicated conditions. Recent research has shown that most of these pains have physical origins of which Dr. Borquez can treat when properly diagnosed.

Causes of Orofacial Neuropathic Pain:

  • Trauma of the nerve caused by surgeries, tumors and autoimmune diseases ,etc.
  • Dental procedures; Root canals, extractions, gum surgeries and even dental cleanings.

Common Neuropathic Orofacial Pain Disorders:

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Pre-Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Atypical Odontalgia (Phantom Tooth Pain).

Treatment for Neuropathic Orofacial Pain Disorders:

Treatment for neuropathic pain disorders may require considerable patience to eventually control the pain due to unresponsive treatments. Try to avoid being discouraged if you do not get well immediately. Dr. Borquez is aware of the latest scientific breakthroughs through courses provided by the American Academy of Orofacial Pain (aaop.org.) his involvement at USC Orofacial Pain Clinic as a clinical instructor and as a member of a world wide internet group of orofacial pain specialists who discuss all aspects of Orofacial Pain. These are some of the current treatments:

  • Topical Ointments
  • Medications
  • Biofeedback

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I had become depressed and frustrated after numerous dental treatments and seeing various health professionals to solve my facial pain. I eventually was referred to Dr. Borquez, who was able to diagnose my Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Thank you, Dr Borquez
 RC , Simi Valley, Ca