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Dr. James Bollinger, Endodontist, Thousand Oaks, CA
I wanted to share my experiences with Dr. Borquez coming from a professional’s perspective.  As a dental specialist myself, I have worked with Dr. Borquez in a professional capacity for over twenty-three years. During this time we consulted on the treatment of hundreds of patients.  First, and I think the most important thing, is that Dr. Borquez sincerely has his patient’s best interest at heart – always.  During those twenty-three years there was never a comment to the contrary.  Second, he is a superb clinician and has amazing technical skills producing beautiful dentistry that his patients adored.  With respect to his work in oral facial pain, he has taken advanced training and is a certificated Specialist in Oral Facial Pain and a Diplomat of the American Academy of Oral Facial Pain.  Beyond that he is on the faculty of USC’s School of Dentistry Department of Oral Facial Pain and so is connected to a broader network of resources that help in treating patients with more complex needs. The patient comments relayed back to me have always been positive and he is well-respected by his professional colleagues.  As a fellow clinician I appreciate his conservative approach to patient care and his concerns with their costs.    From an “insiders” perspective I could not recommend Dr. Borquez more highly.

Ryan T, Thousand Oaks, CA
Dr. Borquez is an absolute professional. The Doctor sat with me for about an hour on my first visit. He was already proficient on my file and my previous treatments for TMJ. He and his team made me a very comfortable night guard which is providing great relief. I am also using him and his team for my other Dentistry needs. His staff is very friendly and organized. I would highly recommend his services.

FY. Thousand Oaks, CA
My mother experienced sudden TMJ pain and found Dr. Borquez online. She called the office and asked if the Dr. himself could call her back to discuss his specific way of treating TMJ. Within an hour and a half, he called her back and graciously discussed at length the treatment options as relating to her specific symptoms. The receptionist managed to get her an appointment the same day. She was very impressed with the thoroughness and experience of Dr. Borquez. This happened two days ago and she is already feeling better thanks to the techniques he prescribed.

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